Art Direction

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Art directors creates the overall look for your video or film, and ensure that the visuals evoke the desired mood, style and theme. Simply put, videos with strong art direction are far more visually interesting than video with weak or no art direction.

Initially, the art director works with our clients to better understand who the audience is and visual expectations of the project. The art director relays this information to the director and they both work together along with the crew to realize your vision.

With their experience in set design, our art directors draw upon a deep knowledge of contemporary and historical design styles. This knowledge, coupled with design talent and extensive relationships with world-class craftspeople, ensures our ability to create an appropriate set design.

Whether we’re designing a set from scratch or renting modular stock units, we accommodate budgets of all sizes. We can provide virtual 3D drawings of the set for your approval before we begin construction so they match the fully realized design.

In addition to our full range of video production services, Fullmoon Picture offers in-house art direction.

Benefits include:

  • • A clear and coherent visual look
  • • Designing a unique identity for your film or video
  • • A point-person to develop and discuss the overall aesthetic

Do you want a specific look for your film or video?

Does your video require a certain mood?

Let us handle you art direction.

Call us at +6019 385 0790 or visit our contact page.

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