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You’ve made the film. Now it’s time to sell it. And that’s where Fullmoon Picture comes in.

Your trailer is typically the very first exposure your movie has to the general public. And first impressions count. It’s got to cut through all the clutter and the static and grab your audience’s attention. It’s got to convey what your film is all about—in just two minutes.

At Fullmoon Picture, we believe in crafting trailers that are not just advertisements—they’re a mix of art, science, and marketing chops.

At Fullmoon Picture, we help you deliver 2800 frames of pure visceral impact. Dramatic, edgy, or just plain hilarious, we’ll help you sum up the story, the tone, and the essence of your work. We’ll help you entice your viewers and leave them wanting more. Your work deserves nothing less.

Amazingly, out of more than 10 billion videos watched yearly online, trailers are the third most-watched video category. Lots of them are simply average. But like the perfect pop song, a great trailer sticks in your mind and just can’t be forgotten. Fullmoon Picture can help you deliver the perfect trailer.

Over the past decade, Fullmoon Picture’s team has worked on trailers for:

• Documentaries
• Films
• Cable TV series
• Local and regional TV series
• Web series
• Video games

To craft the perfect trailer, Fullmoon Picture’s secret weapon is its people. Our award-winning team is drawn from the ranks of finest creative talent—film and television professionals. They know what it takes to make great work and how to bring an audience to that work.

  • Video & Film Editors
  • Music Composers
  • Writers
  • Producers
  • Art Directors
  • Voice-Over Talent

Because the right music is crucial to a powerful trailer, we have an immense music database specifically created and used just for that purpose. We also have access to a half-dozen of the premier music licensing companies in Malaysia and Australia. From hip hop to jazz, from simple drones to complex orchestral arrangements, we will help put the beat and the energy into your trailer.

When your trailer is done, we’ll get you sorted out with the final finishing from the online editing and posting right through to delivery.

• Online editing
• Color correcting
• Video finishing
• Video duplication
• Closed captioning
• Uploading trailer to social media sites
• Delivery to DVD and Blu-ray disc

At Fullmoon Picture, we pride ourselves on rapid turnaround and delivery. Our trailer specialists will provide the trailer you need on time and on budget.

After all the time you’ve spent, you need to bring in the largest possible audience.

Let Fullmoon Picture handle your trailer.

Call us at +6019 385 0790 or visit our website.

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